Sorry, I’m just so busy.  I’ll get to it later.  Hurry up!  Maybe after hours I’ll…? When I get the kids to bed I can…  Do you hear yourself saying these things over and over, especially when it comes to marketing your small business?  As a wife, mother, and professional I know how hard it is to squeeze in time for what should be a top priority: creating original content for your small business and getting it in front of your audience.  So why not let my team free you up so you can take care of the things you do best while letting us do what we do best?    

Mad Housewife Marketing was created as a short-term solution to your social media and marketing needs; however we do offer long-term content generation options to continue pushing your business forward. 

We can start with the basics of setting up your business social media accounts or work from your existing social media.  Then we work with you to create meaningful content utilizing professional photography, graphics, and more.  Our model is based on small businesses that do not yet need the professional services of an advertising agency, but need a hand getting their content in front of their audience.

Our basic services can be supplemented with great add ons for a longer contracts.  Contracts are bundled in short three-month packages making them an affordable solution when compared to an agency retainer.     

The name?  Founder Mandy Shoptaw explains: One day I got mad.  I got mad that I was working in an environment where my time and creativity were not valued and my family was getting the leftovers of whatever energy I had after a long week.  I soon started seeing this with others I knew who owned or operated small business and it was clear that their marketing messages were sporadic as a result.  I thought, why not combine what I’m good at and take some of the load off their plates while feeling rewarded by my creativity thus enabling me to contribute back to my family in meaningful ways.  And so Mad Housewife Marketing was born.       


To free up the time of small business owners by taking the social media and marketing responsibilities off their plates under short flexible contracts thus setting them up for long term success.