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Dreamy Bride 1960s

Lately I can’t stop daydreaming (see blog post The Creative Brain): daydreaming about spring, about the wedding events I am coordinating, the clients I am working with, and the ones I have proposals out to, and about the home improvements I want to make, and about travel, and... and... and (the list goes on).

One of the ways I get a handle on these ideas is to write lists and make plans (even if they are just maps for me). The other day my son came home and we had to make some drastic changes in his screen time, namely we had to take away the Xbox for several weeks until his grades improve. When we visited about getting organized I told him that I was about his age when I realized that I couldn’t keep all of the information floating around inside my head organized without writing it down. I’m hoping he will have a light bulb moment and say, “Ah ha, that’s what she’s talking about” soon. Seriously, fingers crossed.

I have also learned that I need a clean, clutter free, and organized space around me to help with my creativity. Not only do I want my space to be visitor friendly but I want to eliminate distractions and be able to freely focus my resources on each and every project. That’s why Mondays I can often be found tidying up from the weekend and setting up the week ahead. 

This is where many Mad Housewife meetings take place.

This is where many Mad Housewife meetings take place.

At Mad Housewife, we want to give every client our very best. We want work with our clients to provide unique content that helps market them on social media. Let our creativity do the work for you. We’ll post to your social media and free up your time so that you can do the things you do best. 


Lately I've had several people reach out about Mad Housewife. "How's it going..." "What do you want to do..." "Aren't you scared..." As I explained in a phone call to a friend, I am just playing it by ear and letting the big guy upstairs open the doors that need to open. If it's meant to be it will happen. I'm enjoying exploring, learning, and growing and I'm also meeting new clients and people.

Happiness is something

that comes into our lives

through doors we don't

even remember opening.

~Rose Wilder Lane

Interested in freeing up your time? Let us do your social media marketing for you! Contact us below. We would love to put together a custom proposal for your small business. 

Rome, Italy, November 2015

Rome, Italy, November 2015