Lately I've had several people reach out about Mad Housewife. "How's it going..." "What do you want to do..." "Aren't you scared..." As I explained in a phone call to a friend, I am just playing it by ear and letting the big guy upstairs open the doors that need to open. If it's meant to be it will happen. I'm enjoying exploring, learning, and growing and I'm also meeting new clients and people.

Happiness is something

that comes into our lives

through doors we don't

even remember opening.

~Rose Wilder Lane

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Rome, Italy, November 2015

Rome, Italy, November 2015

Success Story No. 1

Good Mood

About two months ago, I was sitting in my kitchen looking out the window going over in my mind the 110 things I needed to be doing right then. I had been mulling over the idea of Mad Housewife Marketing and wanted a test subject before I made it official. Then I got a text from a friend who was transitioning from insurance to real estate and had just returned to Arkansas from training in Texas and was ready to get going but needed marketing help.

“I need a press release,” her message started and so we arranged a phone conversation to discuss her specific needs. She actually needed a website, social media, press release, and an updated bio. In one month, we were able to:

·      Launch

·      Create a new Facebook profile page separate from her personal page

·      Add a business page attached to her new profile page

·      Grow her Facebook profile from zero to 353 friends

·      And her business page from zero to almost 100 fans (and growing!)

·      Create an Instagram account and grow it from zero to 65 followers

·      Important to note that all marketing was done organically—the client did not put any resources into boosted posts or ads

·      Bio and press release created and distributed to a local publication who covered her debut open house event

This was one month of success. Each day I created unique content for this client’s social media that helped establish her as a leader in her field. She is already seeing success with an offer pending on a million dollar listing and several new listings in the works.

Free Time

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